Wicked White for Kitchens and Baths

While colors like blue, black, and purple are trending for both kitchens and baths, there’s still one color scheme that reigns supreme – white. Which means that white stones, and particularly white marbles, are still getting a lot of attention for countertops, flooring, and showers. White marbles don’t always hold up particularly well in these areas long term, however, with etching and staining being two concerns that many homeowners have. For this reason, some people are beginning to look to quartzites as a more durable alternative to marble for these high use areas. And for anyone looking for the classic white and gray look of marbles like Carrara, Wicked White may be an attractive alternative.

Super White traditional-kitchen

Wicked White, also known as Super White, is a very hard, durable quartzite quarried in Brazil. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone, like marble, but made up primarily of pressurized quartz and sandstone, so it’s much more durable than calcite-based marble. It’s less likely to stain and etch, and can be easily used in wet areas like bathrooms or high-use areas like kitchens. Best of all, Wicked White has a beautiful white background with gray marks and veining that will give you the classic white stone appearance that you want for your home, but with less maintenance or staining.

Wicked White makes an excellent countertop material, and can also be used as a solid backsplash, tub deck, or curb in the bathroom. It pairs well with both contemporary and traditional kitchen and bath designs, and has a nice cool-tone that works well with black and white, as well as the newly popular blues and grays as well.

If you’re looking for a way to get the classic look of white marble in your home, but worry about the ongoing maintenance needs, consider opting for a white quartzite such as Wicked White instead. A natural stone just like marble, quartzites are more durable, yet just as beautiful. Consider Wicked White for your next kitchen or bath design to stay on trend and more.

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