White Stones to Consider

White stones for countertops, flooring, and walls are among the more popular options that homeowners are turning to. White has been a popular stone color for years, but recent trends have been turning away from the beige tones of the past 10 years and moving more toward the longer lasting tones of white.


There are several different white stones that you may want to consider adding to your various areas of your home.

Piracema white is a white and gray granite with swirling veins that move through it. It makes a nice option for kitchen counters as well as for heavy use bathroom vanity counters.

Bianco Carrara is one of the most popular types of white marble. Mined in Carrara Italy, this white and gray stone can range from bright white with defined gray veins to more of a softer overall gray with deeper veins.

Calacatta is a whiter marble than Carrara with a gray vein on a very bright background. It may sometimes also have a gold vein along with the gray, lending it a little more dimension.

Ajax is considered a white marble, but is actually a form of quartzite. This white and gray stone resembles Bianco Carrara, but has a crystalline understructure that is distinctive to quartzites and some granites. Like most quartzites, Ajax is less likely to stain or etch than Carrara and other marbles, making it a nice choice for those that like the classic gray and white look, but with a better durability.

Thassos is also considered a white marble but is actually another form of quartzite. Thassos is a Greek stone that is pure white in color with a sugary, crystalline appearance to it. Despite its bright white appearance, Thassos holds up better to staining and etching than true marbles, making it a nicer choice for homeowners that want a white marble in places like the kitchen.

White stones can make a beautiful addition to many areas of the home. Look for these classic marbles, quartzites, and granites to help make the statement that you’re looking for.

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