White on White in 2017

At the start of every year, homeowners, designers, and builders are polled to help discover the new trends that will emerge in the coming months. This year, one of the predominant kitchen themes is the white on white look of white cabinetry paired with white countertops. And while an all-white kitchen may seem stark, done right it can be beautiful, timeless, and elegant. The key is to opt for a white countertop that isn’t just stark or flat white, but that has some additional interest or movement to it.

Green Street traditional-kitchen

There are many white natural stones that can work beautifully in this type of situation. Bianco Carrara is probably the best known and most popular, but it’s far from being the only white stone that can be used in these types of kitchens.

White granites, which are more durable and less maintenance than a white marble, can be one choice that gives you the look, along with a lot of character and interest. Stones like Andromeda or Colonial White have a very clean white background with deep black or grain veining and granules. No two slabs are ever the same, so you can get that white on white look, but with a unique twist at the same time.

If you want something softer than granite, consider looking at a white quartzite as well. Monte Blanc has a white background with rich swirls of gray moving across it like storm clouds. Quartzite is also easier to maintain than marble, but has more of the appearance that people want in a white stone.

If you choose to go the route of white marble in the kitchen, consider moving away from the classic Bianco Carrara to get a unique look for your kitchen instead. Stones like Calacatta Mystery have a white background but with gold veining, something that brings a unique and warmer touch to the kitchen.

An al- white kitchen doesn’t have to be stark to be beautiful. Consider using a natural stone for your white counter to get the look you want, with the depth and interest that will bring your kitchen to life.

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