Water-jet Medallions

For foyers, entryways, and other open areas a focal point helps keep the flooring from looking too plain. While laying a pattern on the floor can be a nice option to bring some interest to the area, one of the most striking – and easiest – ways to dress up the floor is to use a water-jet medallion.


Water-jet medallions are large decorative accents made up of several pieces of cut stone fitted together. The designs are often fairly intricate, and may use several different colors of stone within one piece. Each piece of stone is cut using a water jet guided by a computer, which gives the precise edges and lines needed to fit the different pieces together so tightly. The result is a work of art perfect for installing anywhere on the floor.


Water-jet medallions are typically pieced together with epoxy, rather than grout, to give them the most seamless appearance. The stones are fitted together so tightly that the gap between them is often indiscernible with the naked eye.

The entire medallion is laid as one piece onto the floor. It can be mortared into place using thinset the same way that other stone tiles are, and the edges of the medallion can be grouted or caulked where the meet the rest of the floor to create a seamless installation.


While most medallions are made of stone, they can be installed in a field of nearly any material. This includes installing them in the center of a wood floor, as well as using them with porcelain, ceramic, or terracotta tile floors as well.

Most medallions are made to order, which allows for customization of the colors and placement within the design. This gives homeowners the chance to create a truly unique piece of art perfect for enhancing their entryway, stairwell, or foyer. When faced with a large area that needs definition, consider using a medallion done in water jet cut stone as the focus.


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