The Spa Space

Recently I was in Colorado and we went to an area that had a natural hot spring. The location boasted pools of different temps as well as the river area that you could nestle down into small eddies surrounded by rocks. It was very relaxing and made me long for a hot tub at home.  Being in Florida though does not make me want to go from one hot area to an area of hot water. However many of you are on cooler areas and with Fall now here and Winter soon to come, having a nice spa/hot tub area can be just the relaxing thing to invest in!

Having an area dedicated to relaxing does wonders for your psyche, physical body and emotional happiness. Here are some inspirations for you if you decide to either invest in a space like this in your home, or upgrade an existing area.

Indoor or semi enclosed areas are also very nice to have.

This is your private oasis, a retreat location for you to relax and get your energy in check. Make sure that it fits all of your specifications so that you can truly unwind.

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