The Most Relaxing Haven In Your Home

The bathroom tends to be the quietest place in the home for both men and women. Men like it because they can say they’re taking care of business while sitting there on their phone/ipad/tablet or reading a magazine.  For moms it tends to be the one time when the kids don’t bother them.  A long relaxing bath or shower allows us to stop worrying about things for a few minutes.


One of the last things I need to redo in my home is my bathrooms. Both of my spaces are small so I don’t have as many options. However I do like to use ideas I find online and alter them to use in my own space.




Today I want to show you some of the bathrooms I found that mix styles and materials making beautiful combinations that I hope will inspire you when you are looking to redo your space.




For the guys out there here are some more masculine themed bathrooms.





And finally for the kids, playful and vibrant these bathrooms inspire kids to come in wash, brush their teeth and get ready for school every morning!






However you decide to either decorate or remodel your bathroom, remember it’s a haven for you and your family.  It’s a relaxing place in the home and should make you happy to spend time in there.

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