The Latest Laundry Room Trend – Stone Counters

Laundry rooms have been getting a lot more attention of late than ever before. While previously they were seen as merely a utilitarian area meant to house the washer, dryer, and nothing else, now these rooms are getting the makeover they deserve, turning them into places you actually want to spend some time in. In addition to making the rooms larger, brighter, and more stylish, many people are also beginning to make them more functional as well, by adding in utility sinks and countertops for pre-treating, folding, and storing your laundry. To complement the rest of the room’s style, many people are also beginning to use natural stone such as granite to create these counters.

Many natural stones, including granite, are the ideal choice for creating a countertop in this area. Stone is attractive, enhancing the looks and style of the laundry room with unique colors, veining, and patterns. Natural stone is also fairly low-maintenance in this area, as most detergents and treatments used in laundry do not harm or affect the stone in any way.

Many homeowners are also beginning to install their laundry rooms adjacent to other areas of the home, such as the bathroom, mudroom, and even kitchen. For this reason, the laundry room needs to match the rest of these areas to give a sense of continuity to the home. If you already have natural stone installed in your kitchen or bathroom, extending it into the laundry room helps keep the flow of interior design going, creating a cohesive look throughout your home that can increase its resale value.

Granite countertops are one of the best investments you can make in your home, recouping a high ROI when installed in both the kitchen and the bathroom. With dedicated laundry rooms now topping the lists of things that homebuyers want to see in a house, extending granite or stone counters into this area just makes sense.

Give your laundry room a makeover by installing granite countertops to get the best for your home.

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