The Best Natural Stone for Backsplashes

Backsplashes complete the kitchen design, adding detail, dimension, and interest to the room. Because this area gets no foot traffic and only sees minimal water or other liquids, it’s common to use decorative tiles that may not be suitable for other areas of the home here. You have a lot of choices for what to install in this area, and many people already using natural stone on their countertops or floors, like to use a similar material on the backsplash as well for continuity. There are many stones that make a beautiful choice for backsplashes, many of which are also perfectly on trend this year.

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For the last few years, a mosaic mixture of slate and glass tiles has been an exceptionally popular material for the backsplash. Slate is an easy to care for stone that doesn’t stain like some softer materials. It has a lot of natural variation and texture, and paired with glass it adds a lot of depth to the backsplash. To get more out of the design, consider mixing the mosaics with some larger slate tiles along the countertops, running a border of the mosaic mix along the edges, then filling in larger areas, like those behind the cooktop, with the mosaic by itself.

For Country-style kitchens, subway tile is one of the most popular looks. If your Country kitchen is also white in color, consider using a honed Bianco Carrara subway tile. Honed Bianco Carrara has a soft, flat appearance that hides things like scratches and etch marks well, so even if some lemon juice splashes onto the tile, the effect won’t be seen.

If you’re interested in creating a unique, yet natural look in the kitchen, consider installing river stones. These mesh-mounted stones have a look reminiscent of a Zen garden, and have lots of visual appeal with different sizes and colors available. Commonly used on floors, they make an instant impact when used on a backsplash as well.

Finally, consider simply matching or complementing your countertop by running a similar stone on the walls up to the ceiling. The effect will help unify the space, and ensure that your kitchen obtains a cohesive look. Whichever stone you choose, you’re sure to get the beauty, depth, and interest you need to make the design complete.

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