The Beauty of Texas Limestone

Natural stone is quarried from around the world, with many of the stones people use in their homes coming from countries like Italy and Brazil. Some of these quarries are so famous, such as the Carrara quarries in Italy, that many people end up overlooking the fact that many beautiful stones are also quarried within the United States. Just like Vermont is well known for its Danby marbles, Texas is the home to some beautiful and unique limestone quarries. Texas limestone has been used in exterior architecture for years, as well as for interior purposes such as countertops. And with the latest magazine shoot of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady’s showcase home featuring two different types of Texas limestone, its popularity is sure to rise.

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Texas limestones come in four distinct colors, the most popular of which is Cordova Cream, a light, cream colored limestone with an even color and texture. Cordova Cream is often used as an exterior architectural stone because of its evenness and beauty.

Complementing Cordova Cream is its sister stone, Cordova Shell. This limestone has the same creamy, light background, but features several small fossils and imprints of shells in its surface. Cordova Shell limestone is sure to be a conversation starter wherever it is installed for its looks and style.

In addition to these cream-colored stones, Texas limestone is also available in gray tones as well. Leuders Buff and Leuders Gray are both cool-toned stones that have an even color and little to no marks of veining in their surfaces. Leuders Buff is more neutral with a lighter overall color that could complement both warm or cool color schemes – perfect for homes that feature a lot of “greige” coloring.

Leuders Gray is a deeper-colored stone, but not as dark as Lagos Azul or other gray stones. This makes it a nice complement to white color schemes where a hint of color is desired.

Texas limestones make a beautiful addition to any area they are installed in. If you’re looking for a more locally quarried option, consider these stones for your next project.

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