The Beauty of Mosaic Stone Blends

Most types of stone have a natural variation in color from piece to piece and within one piece. This is what helps to enhance the beauty of the stone, and part of what makes it so sought after. And while a mosaic of a single color of stone is beautiful on its own, a blend of several different colors of stone within one installation creates an entirely different look.

Stone mosaic blends can be put together out of nearly any combination of stone. This can include gradients that use several stones in different shades of one color, such as a blend of Verde Mare, Verde Sultan, Cipolini, Verde Luna, and Ming Green, or it can be a blend of several different colors that work well together such as Bianco Carrara, Calacatta, Botticino, and Thassos. Both types of mosaic stone blend are beautiful, and can help enhance various designs.

realstoneandgranite25Using a mosaic stone blend has several advantages. When installed as a backsplash in a kitchen, a stone blend allows you to pick up several shades from within a countertop, and combine it with other tones in the kitchen, such as the walls, or floors, to help create one cohesive element that brings the entire room together. The same blend installed on a wall in a bathroom, becomes an eye-catching focal point that lets the viewer see and appreciate the various colors of the stones up close. And while it may be difficult to create a similar blend of colors in large tiles, mosaics are well suited to this type of use, allowing for more variation within a small area.


Because no two mosaic pieces will be the same, even amongst one type of stone, these types of mosaics have even more variation and interest than glass mosaics of the same scale. This brings additional depth and richness to the space.

Consider the use of natural stone mosaics as an accent anywhere in the home to bring interest, depth, and beauty to the space.

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