The Beauty of Breccia Marbles

Most people associate marbles with classic veining patterns, often in light, cool colors. Some people may also associate marbles with some of the more wild and varied stones that have become popular of late, such as Verde Luna or Sahara Gold. One type of stone that is often overlooked, however, is the breccia. Often called a marble, this sedimentary stone has a unique beauty all its own that fits in well with many of today’s styles and designs.

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A breccia is any type of sedimentary stone made up of large chunks or pieces of other stones. The pieces are usually angular, creating a unique matrix of fractured lines and pieces cemented together. The result is a polished stone with a fractal beauty very different from traditional marbles or other sedimentary stones like limestone.

There are several different breccias to choose from for the home in either tile or slab form. The most common and popular of these is Breccia Oniciata, which is a pale pink stone with tones of white and beige, and a mixture of large and small fractals.

Other stones include Breccia Sarda, which is composed of many pieces running in long, thin lines. A floor laid in Breccia Sarda may almost resemble wood, with a grain that runs cleanly across the space. Breccia Diana is made up of smaller pieces that form larger layers within the stone. It’s often cut so that these layers are apparent, giving a lot of interest and dimension to the stone.

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Breccia Aurora is similar in color and pattern to Breccia Oniciata, with many shades of pink, peach, and beige mixed together in large blocks of color. Occasionally, the stone also features a white, marshmallow vein running through the pieces as well.

Breccias are a unique stone that’s different from both classic marbles and limestones. They add depth and interest to any area they are installed in, and come in a wide range of light colors. Consider installing a breccia in your home to capture the beauty for yourself.


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