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Natural Stone for Living Room Floors

While natural stone has long been popular in entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms, many people hesitate to use it in the main living areas of their home, worried about how it will wear and how it will look with the rest of their style. Lately, however, influences from around the world have been affecting how people view their floors, with images on Houzz and Pinterest showing beautiful stone floors throughout the home. There are many beautiful natural stone choices that work well in living and family rooms, and that can complement many different decors at the same time.

One of the most popular types of stone flooring to use in these areas is limestone and travertine. These soft, calcite-based stones have a honed or matte finish that creates a welcoming backdrop for the rest of the room’s furnishings. They also come in a number of different soft, neutral colors like tan, cream, taupe, gray, and brown, and many of them coordinate well with one another, so you can mix two or three different stones together in a pattern. Limestone and travertine work particularly well in these spaces when installed in large format stones of 16-inches or larger, or in patterns such as strapping, step, or Versailles to maximize the stone’s variation.

Slate is another popular stone for use on the floor in living areas. Slate is very durable and hard wearing, as well as available in a wide range of different colors and textures. This means that slate can fit in perfectly with a Rustic or Country design, as well as in some Old World settings as well.

In modern and contemporary homes, marble with either a polished or a honed finish in large format sizes is often used throughout open floor plan homes. Classic stones like Bianco Carrara get an entirely new look when installed 36-inch tiles. The relatively few grout lines give the stone a contemporary look, while the classic veining helps keep the rooms from looking dated in just a few years.

Natural stone is the perfect complement to any room – not just those where it’s traditionally installed. Give the rooms of your home an update with natural stone flooring to gain new dimension and detail in any space.


Different Types of Slate Tile

Slate tile is a popular floor covering for entryways, mudrooms, kitchens, and outdoor living areas. When many people think about slate, however, they are usually picturing the uniform gray stone known as Vermont slate, which is quarried in the United States. There are other types of slate, however, which are just as beautiful and durable, but which have extremely different looks and styles to them.

Brazilian slate is predominately a light sea green color, and is frequently found in a honed and gauged finish. Some types of Brazilian slate can also be found in a multi-color variation where the colors range and vary from blue gray to reddish brown through the stone. This stone can also be honed and gauged, but may also be naturally cleft and ungauged as well.

Indian slate has a light, almost metallic sheen to it along with some very bold colors ranging from copper to almost purple and green. Indian Slate does have a tendency to be pock marked and to sometimes have some black spots scattered over its surface even when honed and gauged. It can also be found in natural cleft finishes as well.

Chinese slate has some of the most variation between colors of stone. Some types of Chinese slate are extremely varied in color, gauge, and cleft. They can be difficult to install for this reason, but have a lot of depth and interest once finished. It is not uncommon that some types of Chinese slate, such as Sea Green, will have chunks of pyrite and other minerals embedded in the tiles. Some types of Chinese slate, particularly the two colors known as Desert Gold and Moss Green are actually a form of quartzite. These two very different colored stones are actually found at opposite ends of the same quarry, and they have a sugary and rough surface with a lot of texture and sparkle to the finished stone. The majority of all Chinese slates are natural cleft and ungauged.

No matter where the slate is quarried from, it remains one of the most durable and striking materials to use anywhere in the home. Consider investing in some slate from anywhere in the world to make a dramatic statement anywhere it is installed.


Slate has been used for centuries as a durable building material including flooring, tile style applications as well as a stone roofing material. Slate makes excellent accents for interior design with a variety of colors and finishes available. Stacked slate is a design treatment that offers a unique look and application  in both traditional and contemporary interior designs. From flooring to interior and exterior uses, slate prevails as a natural stone whose appeal never goes out of style.

Slate Slab Blue Grey

Slate Slab Blue Grey

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