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Using Stone Moldings

Many people use natural stone tiles, countertops, and slabs to decorate and enhance their homes. Many of these same people, however, may not realize that stone moldings are also available that can complement their backsplashes, shower surrounds, and fireplace hearths. Stone moldings come in many of the same shapes and sizes that traditional wood and ceramic tile moldings come in, including rail moldings and pencil moldings, which means that they can be used nearly anywhere in the home to help increase the richness and depth of the décor.

Stone moldings can be used anywhere that a traditional rail or pencil molding would be used. This includes along the chair rail or on top of wainscoting, framing window sills and ledges, along the edge of a hearth, or creating a picture frame effect on the backsplash. Stone moldings have the same rich veining, depth, and color that other natural stone products have. If stone is already being used in the kitchen on the counter and backsplash, then using a stone chair rail around the walls of the eating area can help complement the entire space and create a cohesive look within the room.

Because even exotic stones like onyx can also be found in moldings, these can even be used in more contemporary settings where a rail molding is desired, but more traditional looks and materials may clash with the rest of the décor. Stone has a unique look and depth to it when used as a rail or pencil molding, which means that it can bring an unexpected touch of interest to a space that may have otherwise looked plain or drab with a standard wood molding.

Stone moldings can be found in nearly any color, and can be found in polished, honed, and antiqued finishes to complement any installation. If a molding is required in a room where natural stone is being used, consider matching the stone with a molding made of the same material to complete the look of the room.

The Beauty of Onyx

I’ll be honest, when I first thought of onyx I pictured a black material. However I was surprised to find out that this material is actually mainly light in color and is translucent. That means you can have a light source behind or under it and it will glow!

So what is onyx exactly? Onyx countertops are quite rare. Onyx is made of a calcareous stone (meaning mostly or partly composed of calcium carbonate, in other words, containing lime or being chalky). In caves, drip water forms onyx as stalactites and stalagmites. It is a soft, brittle stone and should be carefully evaluated for its intended use. It’s slabs are formed by dissolving limestone and redeposited as a new kind of stone. Onyx slabs almost always have a fiberglass mesh material on the back to hold the stone together. This is an indicator of just how fragile the stone is and how valuable it is to find pieces that will work together for larger installation pieces.

Sinks and backsplashes made with onyx have a unique and look awesome.

It also makes a stunning wall display that can be backlit.

As a countertop, onyx is visually appealing but has some drawbacks.. Wine, fruit juice, lemons, and vinegar will all react with onyx and can etch the surface, so make sure to wipe up spills right away. It will scratch easily and quickly looks old and well worn so care must be taken with where you use it and how you treat it. It is not like granite that can take a beating, so make sure to NOT use it as a cutting surface.

If you choose to use onyx, Real Stone and Granite located on the Treasure Coast is your go to source if your in South East Florida. When I was at their facility I got to see some onyx slabs for an upcoming job they had for a bar. It was phenomenal! They will work hard to make sure you are able to get what you need for whatever project you are doing.

Post written by Jennifer Harris of JLHwordsmith.com



Onyx is a quartz type of stone that is rich in natural beauty with unique characteristics that allow for one of a kind applications.  One striking feature is the almost iridescent quality of many types of onyx.  With correct room lighting onyx almost takes on its own glow.  The opacity of different onyx materials allows for countertop, backsplash, wall and flooring applications that can be lit from behind. Onyx offers a look and appearance that is sure to start a conversation about its beauty and uniqueness.

Onyx Lighted Powder Room Top

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