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Greek Marble and Quartzite

Italian marble gets a lot of attention, simply because the country produces some of the most well-known stones on the market, including Bianco Carrara. White stones in general are extremely popular just now, with many white Italian stones like Carrara, Bianco Statuario, Bianco Venatino, and Calacatta commanding high prices. There are other white stones on the market that are just as beautiful, and in some cases more durable, as well as less expensive. One source for these stones is Greece.

Greek marbles and quartzites are a beautiful alternative to Italian stones, especially for homeowners who enjoy the look of white marble. Greek Thassos, for example, is a pure white stone with little to no veining. Called a marble, Thassos is actually a quartzite with a glittering surface that is much more durable and resistant to stains than traditional marbles.

For those who like the look of white and gray stones like Carrara, there is also Greek Ajax. Ajax is also a quartzite, like Thassos, but it has gray veining similar to Carrara or Venatino. The difference is in the way the light hits the stone; quartzites appear sugary or glittery, while marbles appear to be smoother.

In addition to these quartzites, there are also several white Greek marbles as well. These stones have varying amounts of veining, from extremely mottled and veined stone to stones that have few veins on a white background. A partial list of white Greek marbles to consider include Volakas, Naxos, Sivec, Pighes, Nestos, and Ambrosia. Of these, Volakas is among the most popular with a look similar to Carrara, while Ambrosia has the most distinctive look, with coloration that appears like light gray and pink clouds on a white background. The other stones may have streaking or veining which give each one its own appearance.

If you enjoy the look of white marble, but want to find a version that is more durable or less expensive than those more well-known stones, consider looking to Greek stones to find the answer.

Turkish Marble

When most people think about marble and the choices of stone available to them on the market today, the most commonly associated type of marble that comes to mind is Italian. Italy is well known for its large stone quarries, like that in Carrara, which produces the well-known white and gray stone. Marble can be found all over the world, however, and one of the largest producers of stone is a place most people don’t associate with marble at all – Turkey. Turkish marble is stunning in its beauty and array of colors. It can also be less expensive than more well-known stones, giving homeowners more choices than ever before.

While Italian Carrara is probably the most frequently used and requested white marble, Turkish Carrara can make a beautiful alternative in homes where people want something just slightly out of the ordinary. Unlike Italian Carrara which has a soft gray background with darker gray veins, Turkish Carrara has a white and yellow background with busier gray veins. The looks is reminiscent of the more popular and traditional Carrara look, but with a unique appearance that can set it apart.

For homeowners that want a warmer look to their marble, another popular Turkish stone is Giallo Antico. This warm yellow stone has a soft golden color with subtle veining, which gives it a very rich, deep look.

And for those that want a more natural or rustic look to their stone, there is Seashell. A soft, peach colored stone studded with tiny shells. The stone has a naturally antiqued surface, which makes it a beautiful addition to family rooms, entryways, and some kitchens. Viewers will have a fun time looking for the tiny shells embedded deep in the stone.

While Italy may get most of the attention in the marble world, be sure not to overlook Turkish marble for a more unique and interesting addition to any



Marble Sculptural Art

When you think marble sculptural work, is the first thing that comes to your mind, people’s bodies/heads? Have you seen them at museums and on TV/movies? You might be surprised to see some of art people are now creating with this versatile material. Keep in mind that if you have an idea the staff at Real Stone and Granite can more than likely get it done for you!

This mix of black semi dipped on white granite make this raven a great focal piece and a different take on just the classic white sculptures.

















Artist Ai Weiwei has thought far outside the box of normal marble sculpture by making replicas of clothes and a sweatshirt hooded person sitting in lotus pose being watched with security cameras.


Artist Elizabeth Turk takes marble to another level. She creates abstract art that seems like one thing but is really something different yet so beautiful. It doesn’t matter that you can’t tell what it is.


Here is a video showing her at work

Xavier Corbero’s amazing installation piece light this white marble hall and brings your eye to the fire like element inside the piece. 















There is inlay art which has been shown in earlier posts, but I wanted to revisit. Taking inspiration from paintings different color marble and granite can be used to create replications. There is a lot of thought and trial and error when creating a piece like this. Finding the right stone for the various elements takes time, but a piece like this makes a huge impact in a room.

Granite Art

Japanese artist and architect Yutaka Sone carved an intricate sculpture of miniature Manhattan entirely out of marble. Using photographs, Google Earth images, and references after experiencing several helicopter rides. The chiseled work is impressively detailed for its small size and one of the most beautiful “maps” of the city.


Thinking outside the box with stone, granite and other natural resources is key when you want to bring unique elements into your home. The cost may be higher, however the benefit of an amazing conversation piece is priceless.

Written by Jennifer Harris of JLHwordsmith.com


The natural beauty of marble makes a rich and elegant finish for many applications including flooring, countertops, columns and fireplaces.  With many natural colors and patterns to choose from, marble enhances any design from super contemporary to traditional and old world.  The durability of marble makes it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Marble stands the test of time. Many ancient buildings throughout the Mediterranean area feature marble floors, walls and columns that still function today. We invite you to explore the myriad possibilities of marble applications for your next home or commercial project.

Contemporary Kitchen With White Marble

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