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Here in South Florida we do not get many opportunities to use a fireplace. However it is one of the quintessential cozy feel good places in a home if you do have one. To have the chance to curl up next to a warm fire with a cup of tea and a book, or having drinks and great conversation with friends. A lit fireplace is like piece of art that is always changing, so having a beautiful mantel/hearth will accentuate a fire’s natural beauty.

If you have a fireplace that needs updating, or wanting to install a new one, the images I’m going to share with you should help you think outside the box.

In this first set the use of a mix of mediums can give you a very interesting focal point. Adding a slight recess in the wall  give you additional play of light when the fire is lit. Or using materials to make a unique pattern is artistic will definitely stand out immediately when guests enter the room.


Marble is a great classic choice and comes in a wide array of colors and choices. You can also have the stone cut in sculptural designs to give extra visual appeal.



Outdoor fireplaces are also a great option for those who have the space to entertain, especially in climates that allow for time outside more often than not.


And of course don’t for the unusual and weird. These will be sure to start a conversation all on their own!


Whatever you decide to do with your space, make sure it’s inviting and that it’s only purpose is not just to warm the space but also to create a warm environment that welcomes relaxation.

Written by Jennifer Harris of JLHwordsmith.com