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Marble Sculptural Art

When you think marble sculptural work, is the first thing that comes to your mind, people’s bodies/heads? Have you seen them at museums and on TV/movies? You might be surprised to see some of art people are now creating with this versatile material. Keep in mind that if you have an idea the staff at Real Stone and Granite can more than likely get it done for you!

This mix of black semi dipped on white granite make this raven a great focal piece and a different take on just the classic white sculptures.

















Artist Ai Weiwei has thought far outside the box of normal marble sculpture by making replicas of clothes and a sweatshirt hooded person sitting in lotus pose being watched with security cameras.


Artist Elizabeth Turk takes marble to another level. She creates abstract art that seems like one thing but is really something different yet so beautiful. It doesn’t matter that you can’t tell what it is.


Here is a video showing her at work

Xavier Corbero’s amazing installation piece light this white marble hall and brings your eye to the fire like element inside the piece. 















There is inlay art which has been shown in earlier posts, but I wanted to revisit. Taking inspiration from paintings different color marble and granite can be used to create replications. There is a lot of thought and trial and error when creating a piece like this. Finding the right stone for the various elements takes time, but a piece like this makes a huge impact in a room.

Granite Art

Japanese artist and architect Yutaka Sone carved an intricate sculpture of miniature Manhattan entirely out of marble. Using photographs, Google Earth images, and references after experiencing several helicopter rides. The chiseled work is impressively detailed for its small size and one of the most beautiful “maps” of the city.


Thinking outside the box with stone, granite and other natural resources is key when you want to bring unique elements into your home. The cost may be higher, however the benefit of an amazing conversation piece is priceless.

Written by Jennifer Harris of JLHwordsmith.com


Here in South Florida we do not get many opportunities to use a fireplace. However it is one of the quintessential cozy feel good places in a home if you do have one. To have the chance to curl up next to a warm fire with a cup of tea and a book, or having drinks and great conversation with friends. A lit fireplace is like piece of art that is always changing, so having a beautiful mantel/hearth will accentuate a fire’s natural beauty.

If you have a fireplace that needs updating, or wanting to install a new one, the images I’m going to share with you should help you think outside the box.

In this first set the use of a mix of mediums can give you a very interesting focal point. Adding a slight recess in the wall  give you additional play of light when the fire is lit. Or using materials to make a unique pattern is artistic will definitely stand out immediately when guests enter the room.


Marble is a great classic choice and comes in a wide array of colors and choices. You can also have the stone cut in sculptural designs to give extra visual appeal.



Outdoor fireplaces are also a great option for those who have the space to entertain, especially in climates that allow for time outside more often than not.


And of course don’t for the unusual and weird. These will be sure to start a conversation all on their own!


Whatever you decide to do with your space, make sure it’s inviting and that it’s only purpose is not just to warm the space but also to create a warm environment that welcomes relaxation.

Written by Jennifer Harris of JLHwordsmith.com