Swimming pools and decks

Summer is here and the sun is blazing in the sky. The days are longer which allows everyone (kids as well as their working parents) to take a refreshing dip in the pool. Although I do not personally have a pool, there are countless times when you can find me at my friend’s house at their pool!

Pools and the green space around them allow for lazy days sun bathing, entertaining and splashing around. Some of the best products someone can use in this area are natural stones like limestone, shell stone and travertine. The slight texture in these stones means there will be less slipping and will still allow for beauty. They also have very low heat absorption and portray a very casual beach feeling around the pool.


Here is an example of shell stone. I love how this looks and it can have a variety of effects. This limestone includes the remains of creatures in prehistoric seas such as corals, clams, oysters, shellfish and other forms. Their remains slowly built up layers of sediment creating a stone that can be cut and used in a variety of places inside and out of the home.


Image credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Image credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Spillways are also another feature that can be a simple addition to a pools structure that will add a huge dramatic effect. It will also allow for a peaceful sound of water falling, so when you are reading or meditating by the pool it will lull you into that quite set of mind. Using marble for spillways allows for variety in textural visual appeal in your poolscaping.

Image Credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Image Credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Don’t forget about picking comfortable seating to lounge around in as well as landscaping that is geared towards your area of the country. These features will allow you to feel at home and want to spend that extra daylight outside! You can even hang a hammock and sway in the breeze!


Blog post written by Jennifer Harris of JLHwordsmith.com


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