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Lighting is an essential item in every home. Today I’m going to show you some decorative and imaginative ideas for lighting in your kitchen.


Many people have recessed lighting, however now you can turn your recessed lights into pendant style lighting. Here are some gorgeous examples.





 Then we have track lighting. This is what I currently have in my home, not just in the kitchen but in the hallways as well. track lighting allows you to aim your light source to just the right spot and you can have a mix of the standard track light as well as add pendant style to it. This lighting is extremely versatile!




 There are also the options of using lighting under your cabinetry which is also called ‘task lighting’ as it will add more light to your counters when you are working.. This is also a great option to give ambiance to the kitchen area when you don’t want all your lights on, but still want to see where things are. This style of lighting is especially great for social gatherings and is simple to do. You can purchase string or sectional led lights in tubes or stick on sectionals at your local home improvement store.




You could always get out your DIY tools and create your own lighting. This is a fun way to reuse found objects as well as making a focal point in the room that will get your guests talking and you an opportunity to show off your superpower crafting abilities. This is my personal favorite section, as I’m a crafty girl myself and get inspired to do cool new things all the time.





No matter what your choice, lighting is a quick and easy project you can do over a weekend that can make a dramatic change in the environment you choose to upgrade. You can go high end with hand blown glass pendants or you can be frugal and get out your drill, hot glue gun and spray paint. Great lighting really does transform a space from drab to fab!

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