Stones to Use on a Mudroom Floor

More and more homeowners are beginning to install mudrooms in their homes, using them as the main entryway. As the name implies, the mudroom is the area outdoor clothes and muddy shoes are typically left. Combined with storage and some home organizing materials, the mudroom can get a lot of use.

There are a lot of different floor coverings that people consider for this area, but because it’s one room that links directly to the outdoors, many people want to use a natural product there, such as stone. Not all stone floors are going to be appropriate to handle the type of water, salt, mud, and other debris that gets tracked in year round, however. There are a few stones that do hold up well in the mudroom that you may want to consider for this area.

Slate, particularly ungauged slate, makes a great addition to many mudrooms. The fact that the color and surface texture of the stone changes frequently across the floor means that it hides a lot of dirt and wear. Any scratches in the surface can be easily removed with mineral oil so you don’t have to worry about a lot of wear and tear.

Flamed granite is also a nice choice for the mudroom. Flaming removes the weaker surface particles from the stone, leaving only the strongest particles behind. This makes the stone nearly indestructible underfoot, with a gritty texture that means it’s non-skid even with wet shoes.

Bluestone is a very popular material for walkways and stairs that is beginning to make its way indoors. These large pavers may be slightly uneven in texture and color which, like slate, helps to hide a lot of abuse. The cool blue color also helps to accentuate the visual size of the room by making it appear larger than it is.

By focusing on stones meant for heavy duty and outdoor use, you can include natural stone in the mudroom without worrying about its upkeep.

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