Stone Window Sills

Natural stone has long been used for multiple purposes in and around the home. The majority of homeowners today like to use stone on countertops, walls, and floors in and around their homes. And while these are beautiful applications, there are other areas that stone would be beneficial in as well.

One of these areas is on the window sill. Windows that have deep sills of 6-inches or more can benefit from a more substantial looking sill than a simple wood slab. Stone slabs of 3cm or more in thickness can add a lot of depth, dimension, and interest to the area that would otherwise be lacking.

This is particularly a good look in kitchens that have deep window sills directly above or adjacent to the countertop. By using a slab of the same stone on the sill as on the counter gives the entire area a more polished and finished appearance, while drawing extra attention to the room as a whole.

Nearly any stone can be used as a decorative window sill. While you may want to choose the same stone that is already in the room in the case of a kitchen or bathroom, you can also choose to use more bold or decorative stones as well. Installing a bold red onyx or marble in the window of a living room, for example could become a focal point for the space, particularly when the sun hits it. You can also choose to use a coordinating stone to other materials already in the room if you can’t get an exact match. For example, if you have a fireplace surround made of Bianco Carrara, and a large window seat across the room, you could install a slab of Bardigllio marble in this area to coordinate and add extra richness to the room.

Because window sills aren’t large, it’s often possible to find slabs of stone that are 2- or 3-inches thick for this area as well. By adding some thick stone slabs to window sills in any room, you can instantly increase the beauty and appeal of the whole home.

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