Stone Floors to Use in the Kitchen

Natural stone is a beautiful, durable material that gets used throughout the home on a regular basis. In the kitchen, however, where acidic materials like lemon juice, and a lot of foot traffic gets seen on a daily basis, some stones don’t hold up as well as others. And while to some people the patina that well-used stone takes on over time has a beauty all its own, to other people the stains and etch marks that can come from an area like the kitchen are too off-putting to consider stone in this space. There are several types of natural stone that can work well in the kitchen area, however; using one of those can help most homeowners find a happy medium.

Slate is one of the best materials to use on a kitchen floor. It’s non-porous and unlikely to absorb the spills that can happen in the kitchen, and any scratches that may appear over time can be easily hidden by the application of either mineral oil or a color-enhancing sealer. Best of all, many types of multi-color slate hide a multitude of sins so the floors will always look great no matter what gets thrown at them.

French limestone is another good choice for the kitchen. Unlike most other types of limestone, this particular sedimentary stone is extremely durable and is less likely to show wear over time. There are French limestone pavers that have been in use for hundreds of years in farmhouses all over Europe that still look just as good to this day. This is an excellent choice for homeowners that want a little less color and texture than the slate tiles may bring.

Flamed granite is an extremely durable option for homeowners whose kitchens get a lot of wear and tear. Flaming the stone removes the softer particles on the surface, leaving behind only the toughest and hardest pieces of stone. Flamed granite has a fairly uniform color and texture to it, with a unique look that’s hard to find in other materials.

For those that love the look of natural stone, but worry about the maintenance of it on a kitchen floor, give these three options a try instead.

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