Solid Stone Tables

One of the most elegant statements that can be made in a room is a solid marble table. While marble-topped and granite-topped tables are becoming more commonplace, solid marble tables that have a pedestal or base made of marble, as well as a top, bring additional elegance and style to any room.


Tables made of solid stone can be formed in one of two ways. A table can be carved out of a single block of stone the same way that a column or mantel could be carved. A table can also be made out of cast stone. Cast marble tables have the beauty and feel of real stone, but have the additional benefits of being easier to create, generally less expensive, and able to have color and surface control.

One of the benefits of having a carved marble table is the veining that can be uncovered within the stone. Because no two pieces of marble are the same, no two carved marble tables could ever be the same as well.

The benefits of having a cast stone marble table include an ability to get the look of softer stones such as limestone or travertine, without the fissures or pitting that may be inherent with those types of stone.

Solid marble tables should be sealed and protected with an impregnating sealer on a regular basis. They should also be cleaned with a neutral PH cleanser to avoid etching or pitting of the marble over time.

Marble tables make excellent accent pieces in rooms that already have other marble or stone accents, such as a fireplace mantel or surround. The addition of the table can bring interest and additional detail to any room. Consider adding one as an accent or focal point to bring the color and beauty of stone to any area.

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