Should You Chose a Unique Stone?

Natural stone countertops, walls, and floors make a beautiful addition to any home. Whether you choose marble, granite, quartzite, or slate, you’re getting a beautiful, durable material that will last for years. And because of the way that natural stone is produced, you’re also getting a material that is at least slightly different than even other stones of the same type. This is part of the beauty and appeal of stone; the fact that no two tiles are slabs are ever completely the same. Unfortunately for some people, this can also seem like a drawback, especially when you think that you’re receiving something that looks exactly like the sample in a showroom, only to find that it may in fact be dramatically different. A new trend is beginning to emerge amongst some homeowners, however, that goes in the opposite direction of what many people have thought of stone in the past; more people than ever before are beginning to search for truly unique stones to use in their homes.

Bathroom - Forest Green & Sahara Gold Marble traditional-bathroom

It’s important to remember that even when you choose a fairly consistent stone, like Uba Tuba or Giallo Ornamentale, there is still going to be some degree of variation in the material. Color, tone, or veining may differ from piece to piece, even when quarried at the same time. This is one of the characteristics of stone.

This new trend is moving toward more inconsistent stones, such as Sahara Gold or Verde Luna, which are incredibly wild in color variation from piece to piece and particularly from lot to lot. The idea is that a truly unique stone like this will create a dramatic appearance within the home. And while this is true, it isn’t something that everyone enjoys. If you’re considering a unique stone for your home, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you plan on staying in the home for 5 to 10 more years?
  • Are you remodeling with the idea of a higher ROI?
  • Are you adding the unique stone simply because you love it, or because you want impact?

If you are planning on remaining in your home for at least 5 years, and want the unique stone because you value its beauty, then by all means use a dramatic and highly varied stone. Keep in mind, however, that most people feel that more sedate or classic stones are preferable, and you may have trouble finding a buyer for your home that enjoys the dramatic appearance as much as you do.

Natural stone is a wonderful addition to any home, regardless of what type you choose. Invest in a unique stone if it makes you happy, and try not to worry about what the next owner will think.

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