Natural Stone Trends in Bathrooms for 2015

2015 has shown a big push toward natural colors and materials throughout the home. And while wood is taking off as one of the hottest materials right now, natural stone is not far behind, and in places like the bathroom, stone is the material of choice for tile.

Continuing the trend of the last several years, the most popular stone color for bathrooms and tile right now is white. All white stones from true Thassos to the softer white and gray mix of Bianco Carrara are extremely popular for both walls and floors of the bathroom right now.

For those that don’t want to use bright white, gray is also an extremely popular color right now, following the paint trend that is using gray as the neutral in place of beige. Bardiglio is a nice choice for those that want the softness of marble with a darker tone. This stone also pairs very well with Carrara for homeowners that want to mix whites and grays together.

The other popular paint and flooring color choice of the moment is Greige – a mix of gray and beige. Capture it in the bathroom by installing Silver Travertine tiles in either a honed or polished finish. Silver Travertine has a warm undertone to the silver, which makes it the perfect blend of warm and cool to mix with any wall and accent color.


For shapes, hexagons are very popular for floors right now, including in larger sizes up to 12-inches. Look for natural stone mosaics in hexagons of a range of different sizes, including some black and white blends. Patterns in general are also very popular right now; consider a box pattern mosaic made of Carrara and Bardiglio to add dimension to the floor.

Trends in 2015 are looking toward sustainability in design. These colors are meant to last without becoming dated, so look for natural stone to install in your bathroom and help it last for years to come.



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