Monochromatic Stones for the Bathroom

One of the hottest trends in bathroom design right now includes the use of monochromatic colors in shades of white, gray, beige, and bone. Another trend that’s also steaming up the bath is the use of polished stones such as marble throughout the room. With the right choices, it’s also possible to combine both of these trends into one, stunning bathroom design.

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Many people shy away from using only a single color in the bathroom – even white. Often other colors get introduced through accents or accessories to help liven up the palette. Monochromatic color schemes don’t have to be boring or a single color, however, and there are several stones that can make a beautiful neutral palette in the room.

One mixture of stones is Bianco Carrara with Bardiglio. Carrara is one of the most commonly recognized marbles; a soft white with gray veining. Bardiglio is the opposite of Carrara – a deep gray stone with white veins. Used together they create a dynamic design that’s also in keeping with today’s monochromatic trends.

Another pairing that works well in the bathroom is the blend of Calacatta and Crema Marfil. Calacatta is a bright white stone with a mixture of both gray and gold veins. Crema Marfil is a softer, cream colored stone that picks up the gold vein in the Calacatta and makes it pop, creating a two-tone design that’s also interesting and eye-catching.

If you’re creating a powder room or half bath, another combination of stones that works well with today’s colors is a blend of Lagos Azul and Lagos Gold. While these limestones don’t work well in wet areas, they can create a stunning gray and gold design for a bathroom floor or powder room walls. Both stones have a soft, high-hone finish that gives them depth, along with a similar tone of color that makes them pair well particularly well together.

Finally, consider a subtle look in the bathroom by mixing Jerusalem stones such as Jerusalem Gold, Jerusalem Bone, and Jerusalem Gray. The three stones blend well together, shifting across the spectrum of neutrals, but keeping your bathroom from becoming boring with their richness and depth.

Break out of the monochromatic box by mixing natural stones in your bathroom to create a look that’s hard to walk away from.

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