Making a Statement With Exotic Stone

When many people think of using marble or granite in their kitchens or bathrooms, they picture sedate or conventional counters and tiles. Stones such as Bianco Carrara and Saint Cecilia are well known and are used extensively around the country. Natural stone comes in a much wider variety of different colors and types, however, some of which are extremely exotic and unique. Using one of these more unique stones creates a statement that is anything but conventional.


There are several different ways to use an exotic or unusual stone in a home. Because exotic stones have an eye-catching beauty, they make the perfect focal point in a room. Using a stone with a lot of color or character as a very thick or built up slab with a vessel sink in a bathroom, for example, draws the eye and creates a place for people to focus when they enter the room.


Exotic stones that have a lot of color and movement, like onyx, also make great countertops, because a large piece can be used to show off the color and vein pattern. Using one as a bar top, or bathroom vanity top adds a lot of color to a space that can be used to pull accent colors from for the rest of the room.


Some unusual stones, like Rainforest Brown and Rainforest Green, have very unique vein patterns, but not as much color variation. This makes them the perfect addition to a space that needs some interest, but doesn’t require a great deal of color. They’re also ideal for spaces where it would be overwhelming or too busy to have something wild, but a little bit of movement is desired.


Using an exotic stone somewhere in the home is a wonderful way to add color, interest, and focus to a room. With the many different choices for stone available, an unusual stone can be found for any area.

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