Laundry Rooms

A laundry room is just for utilitarian purposes, right?  Is that how you feel? I personally detest doing the laundry and it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone else in my house to do it. But what if you had a nicer place to do the laundry in? What if you had space and it wasn’t just a washer and dryer shoved in your garage or a small room?

Photo credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Photo credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Recently we were renovating our garage. I was going to get a shelving area for storage, a counter for folding and a place to hang items too! I was SO EXCITED! Then necessity was the ruler of decision making and we had to change things and instead use that area for a different type of storage. Head hanging low I conceded and continued on doing laundry as I had been.

However I’m going to share with you some ideas that I found while searching for inspiration to share with you all.

Photo Credit: Ron Rosenzweig

Photo Credit: Ron Rosenzweig

If you want to conceal your laundry area, why not take a lesson from your kitchen? Using cabinet doors to cover up the front load washer/dryer is genius!


If you want to multitask you can add other features to your laundry room that will allow you to get stuff done while you wait for loads to finish. Making the space an extra office area, or craft room is a great idea. You can work on replying to correspondence or make a gift for someone! Or you can waste time on your favorite social media site 😉

Stone and Granite

What is your laundry room like? Do you want to change it? What would you do to make it better?

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