Installing Falling Water Stone Mosaics

Stone mosaics are going strong in popularity at the moment, particularly those mosaics and patterns that incorporate different sizes, textures, and even materials into one field. One of the more popular patterns at the moment is the falling water design. Falling water is a mosaic pattern made up of varying sizes of stone rectangles measuring anywhere from 1-inch by 1-1/2-inches to 1-inch by 8-inches. When installed vertically, the pattern is meant to call to mind a rain storm.

Many materials can be used in the falling water mosaic, but among the most popular tend to be rough stones such as slate, because of the additional texture they bring to the finished design.

While originally intended to be installed vertically, the falling water pattern can also be installed horizontally as well to give a completely different look to the installation. In some cases, homeowners may also want to install the pattern vertically in places, then have it change direction. For example, if installed on a fireplace surround the pattern could be vertical on the legs and horizontal across the top.

Installing the falling water mosaic pattern is very similar to installing other mosaics. The biggest difference is that this pattern is meant to interlock. This means that the sheets of mosaic are not square and the individual sheets need to be manipulated to lock together like a puzzle so that there are no gaps around them.

If using slate as the material for the mosaic, take the time to ensure that all pieces in the mosaic sheet are the same thickness. If not, be sure to back butter each sheet by spreading a coat of thinset mortar onto the back of each sheet to even out the thickness differences before installing and beating in.

Despite the larger pieces of mosaic in the pattern, it is still important to smooth out the key marks in the mortar before installing and beating in to prevent the mortar from seeping up around the tiles.

Installed correctly, the falling water pattern can bring a lot of beauty and interest to any space in the home.

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