Flooring inlays continue to be popular in renovations and new construction.  New technology allows homeowners and designers to be able to create intricate designs that were never available before. 

I personally love the way inlays look, but have only seen a few like the ones shown below. The basic framing around the main floor area is a great way to frame out and section an area. Medallions are a great way to add a focal point to a room, especially an entryway.

These can be beautiful in their own right and there are quite a bit of options to choose from, however I wanted to think outside the box when it came to this post. So while perusing Pinterest I came across some really cool options.


Why not mix materials? If you like the wood floor look but need something more utilitarian for a specific area that gets more traffic, why not add a marble inlay? Using a herringbone pattern like the one below is a great choice.


If you want to get more artsy you can draw something up or bring in an artistic idea to the sales staff at Real Stone & Granite and let them know the colors you would like to use. The sky really is the limit.



Is price no limit? Choose to have something that is really multi colored and will make your guests rave about your amazing floor!


Inlays are not just for floors either! You can get them for your walls as well. This one is going from the floor up the wall, however you can also get an accent piece like The Bathers that Real Stone & Granite did for one of their customers.



Have you thought about doing an inlay? Was it for decorative or utilitarian reasons? What type of surface do you think you’ll use, or will you mix them?

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