Hot New Trends in Natural Stone

Natural stone has been a popular material in and around the home for hundreds of years. This versatile material, however, is constantly changing in regards to what colors, finishes, and shapes are popular at the moment.

With design trends currently favoring natural materials and looks, as well as several more formal and traditional looks, stone is poised to continue its trend of popularity and frequent use.

Current hot trends in natural stone include:

  • White marbles, including white or white applications mixing stones such as Bianco Carrara and Thassos or Calacatta with Cloud Gray
  • Random rounded shapes, which invokes the appearance of the circle trend featuring 1-,2-, and 3-inch marble circles of several years ago, but with softer, more organic shapes now, each one varying in size and pattern
  • Random sizes of rectangular tiles mixed together to mimic the look of wall cladding but with a groutable, more polished tile
  • Traditional looks, which include using marble in the 3×6 subway shape and combined with stone chair rails, pencil tiles, and baseboards in the same area
  • Basketweave mosaic tiles for the floor using traditional colors such as black and white, as well as more updated color palettes such as Crema Marfil combined with Verde Luna
  • Hand chiseled mosaic tiles assembled in more traditional patterns to give a random and organic appearance to an otherwise classic floor
  • Mixing finishes in a blend of mosaics as well as mixing colors, including some polished and some honed pieces to create varying depths ā€“ this may also include mixing stones of different textures such as quartzite and slate with marble or granite

Other trends in natural stone include using natural edges on countertops and allowing cleft finishes to show on slates. No matter what type of stone you choose, however, remember that stone in general never goes out of style. So whether you want to opt for a newer trend, or a more traditional one, you can never go wrong including natural stone within your design.


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