Gemstone Countertops

As more and more homeowners are looking for natural materials that have exotic or unusual looks, different stones are beginning to emerge as choices for countertops. One category that is increasing in popularity across the United States is the use of gemstone countertops.

Gemstone counters are made up of large slabs of materials that may be considered a semi-precious or precious stone. Agates, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and unusual stones like Fluorite are all beginning to be seen gracing countertops.

Not all of these materials are necessarily found in 2 or 3cm slabs like granite or marble, so some of these materials may be found mounted onto another material. Granite, aluminum, and ceramic are sometimes seen as backings for these counters. Other times, the material may be built up on the edges of the countertop to make it appear as though it is thicker than it actually is.

Using gemstones as counters means that homeowners will need to educate themselves about the stone they are selecting. Some, like Indigo Gabbro, are extremely hardwearing and do not require sealing or special cleaners. Other materials like Sky Blue Calcite, may be extremely reactive to acids like lemon juice, which would mean that special precautions need to be taken in areas like kitchens.

Gemstone countertops are often filled with a lot of unusual pattern. Agates often have a repeating pattern to them making the counter appear to be made up of multiple gems pieced together, for example. Some types of gemstone counters can also be backlit, while others have a lot of depth to them, giving you the impression that you are looking into the countertop. They make excellent additions to areas where they can be seen as a focal point, such as kitchen islands, bars, or peninsulas.

If you are willing to take the time to find out more about the stone you are selecting to ensure it’s a good fit with your home, using a gemstone counter can be a great way to make a creative and beautiful statement in any home.

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