Fireplaces: The Heart of Your Home

Fireplaces are the heart of the home, and the focus of any room they are installed in. Make a statement and draw the eye of everyone that enters by using a stone fireplace surround.

There are two ways of creating a fireplace surround with stone: using stone slabs or using tiles. Solid slabs of stone are perfect for the hearth or for smaller, formal fireplace designs where you want to frame the firebox with a substantial surround. This is ideal for gas fireplaces or for fireplaces that have smaller fireboxes; using slabs makes the area look larger and more dramatic.


Tile surrounds are the perfect solution for other types of fireplaces. If you are creating a surround that extends up the wall behind the fireplace, for example, tile gives you more design options and choices than one solid slab would. Likewise, if the legs of the surround are thinner or narrower, you can use tile to add more pattern and dimension to this smaller area.


In addition to giving you options for the size of the material, using stone for your fireplace surround offers you a number of other designs and characteristics including:

  • The ability to carve or produce decorative columns and three dimensional surrounds
  • The ability to mix and match, using one stone in a mosaic on the hearth and a slab on the surround
  • Dramatic natural veining, color, and pattern
  • Brilliant polished surfaces that catch the light from the fire and magnify it
  • The ability to contrast the rest of the room by surrounding a “wild” stone pattern with a more formal mantel


Natural stone fireplaces have a solid, substantial feel to them that provides visual comfort when combined with the fireplace’s use. With the many different types and styles of stone available, you’ll have no trouble finding one that complements your décor. Consider outfitting your fireplace in a natural stone surround to help make this central area in your home, one that people truly want to gather around.

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