Customizing Stone for Sinks and Drain Boards

One of the things that sets natural stone apart from other countertop materials is the way that it can be customized to fit different types of sinks and accessories. While all countertops do contain either an integral sink or a sink cutout, stone allows for several different options that helps to make for a cleaner, sleeker appearance.

Granite Top With Drain Board

While most laminate counters require you to drop a sink in so it hangs from the top of the counter by its rim, stone and quartz counters allow the sink to be mounted below the counter. This makes it easier to keep the sink clean because water and debris can be pushed straight into the sink, rather than beneath the rim edge.

Stone and quartz counters also allow for customization of the size of the sink, including sinks that contain multiple curves or basins, or sinks that have cutting or drain boards that sit partially into the counter itself. This customization also extends to farmhouse or apron front sinks; the height of the sink and how it is placed with the counter can vary depending on the homeowner’s preferences. The sink can sit flush to the counter, or the counter can overlap its side edges to create different appearances and the final height of the sink.

Granite Drain Board

In addition to the sink itself, stone and quartz counters offer additional benefits as well. Drain boards and be cut right into the counter itself with channels that slope toward the sink allowing the water to drain. This gives the kitchen a sleek and minimalist appearance without additional clutter on the counters. Holes can also be drilled or cut into the counter in any position for the addition of soap dispensers, hot water dispensers, or water filters to give the kitchen more functionality.

Drain Board Cut Into Granite Top

These attributes combined with stone’s strength, integrity, and beauty set it head and shoulders above other materials for both appearance and function in the kitchen.

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