Creating Custom Medallions

Medallions add color, interest, and detail to foyers, dining rooms, entryways, and halls. With newer water jet technologies allowing for tightly fit pieces of stone today’s medallions can be endlessly customized. Rather than relying on shapes that can be easily cut with a wet saw, medallions can now be created that express the homeowner’s personal interests and color palette.

Most medallions are made in one of two ways: mosaic pieces that make up an image or a pattern and water jet medallions that epoxies larger, intricately cut pieces together. Both methods allow for infinite customization either of the colors used in the design, or in the design itself.

While a mosaic design, however, requires a great deal of artistic interpretation of the design, water jet designs can be more precise. A design can be created using a computer program that creates silhouettes of animals, geometric patterns, and family crests among other things. The computer then controls the machine that cuts the pieces. This allows for extremely tight tolerances between two pieces of stone, which can then be fit together like puzzle pieces without a grout joint between them.

When selecting a custom medallion for installation, several considerations need to be made. This includes the colors and types of stone; using stones that are found elsewhere in the home can create a cohesive design, while using colors that coordinate well with the surrounding flooring can help the medallion blend in.

Granite Hours Medallion

Other considerations include the design itself. If using something custom, having a computer generated image of the finished product before cutting the stone can help homeowners and designers determine if the image will work, or if too much detail will be lost. Silhouettes and patterns make better medallions than pictures or scenes, for example.

Adding a medallion to a home can be a wonderful way to personalize the space and draw attention to an area. Make sure the medallion reflects the home and the homeowner to get the best results.

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