Creating a Wow Factor

For many homeowners, the kitchen design needs to be more than simply functional and meeting a family’s needs; it also needs to have a beautiful design and great aesthetic. For that reason, most homeowners look for ways to add a “wow factor” to their design, whether through the tile, the counters, the cabinetry, or the accessories. There is one way that you can add an instant wow factor to your design that will command attention from everyone who views it, and that’s with a unique stone countertop.

Kitchen contemporary-kitchen

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) sends out surveys each year to industry professionals to gauge trends and interest in kitchen and bath design. And one common element that many kitchen and interior designers mention as having the biggest impact on the room is the countertop. Unique and eye catching counters outweigh lighting, cabinetry, accessories, and backsplashes as commanding the most attention from viewers.

Granite counters have been popular for many years now, with some stones getting a lot of use again and again, such as Uba Tuba and Saint Cecilia. These aren’t the stones that can give you that wow that you’re looking for, however, as they’ve been seen in so many kitchens.

To truly give your kitchen that impact that you’re looking for, consider choosing a unique or different stone for your kitchen. Look for stones that have an unusual pattern and coloration such as Mariachi or Fucco. Or consider choosing a slab of a more ordinary stone that happens to have unique veins or color streaks. For example, Costa Esmerelda is typically green and gold, but occasionally has been found with huge, thick, white marshmallow veins running through it like a river. This unique feature sets it apart from other stones, give you that impact you’re looking for.

To best find the unique stone that will best suit your kitchen, be sure to pay a visit to the stone yard to see the slabs in person. A small sample or photograph can’t show you all the color, veining, and intricacies of the stone that will help you pick just the right one. So, pay attention to the slabs themselves and choose something unique to give your kitchen the wow factor you’re looking for.

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