Conglomerate Stone

There are a lot of different natural stones on the market that are labeled and sold as granites that are not in fact an actual granite. Known as commercial granite, these stones may be igneous like true granite, or they may be metamorphic, and even sedimentary. One such stone that is getting a lot of attention lately for its unique structure and beauty is a type of stone frequently called “Mariachi”. These stones may come in a number of different colors, including black, red, and green and all of them appear to be filled with circles of varying colors, unlike the more traditional flecks or veining of color seen in other granites.

Like many stones, Mariachi is not a true granite, but is in fact a conglomerate stone. This sedimentary stone is made up of many different things, which makes no two conglomerate stones ever the same.

A conglomerate stone is made up in layers like limestone. They frequently form on the bottom of a river red, where rounded stones of all sizes, mineral type, and composition are washed and settled into layers of silt. Over time these layers harden and coalesce to become a single stone known as a conglomerate for the many different pieces making it up.

When conglomerate stones are cut to become countertops, the different pieces inside are sliced horizontally, which is why the finished counter will appear to have so many different circles of color surrounded by a background of a different color.

While conglomerate stones are sedimentary, they can be made up of countless different types of stones including some granites. This can mean that a counter made of a conglomerate stone may be harder or softer, and more or less resistant to etching depending upon its makeup. Because of this, it’s very important for homeowners choosing to use a conglomerate to perform the acid and water test shortly after purchase on a sample taken from their slab. The results can help inform the homeowner about how much care this particular slab may need to keep it looking its best.

Conglomerate stones are very unique in the world of stone counters both due to their appearance and their makeup. Treat each one as an individual to ensure their lasting beauty.

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