Combining Stone with Other Materials

Natural stone makes a beautiful statement no matter where it is installed. Sometimes, though, too much stone within one space makes it lose some of its appeal. That’s when combining it with another material within the same room or area helps to bring back its luster.

realstoneandgranitestone_4There are numerous reasons why you may want to combine stone with other materials. For example, some colors of stone, such as blue, can be expensive. Therefore, mixing a tan stone with blue glass helps to inject some color into the room, but without driving up the expense of the project.

realstoneandgranitebathroom2Other times, the other material becomes a backdrop to show off the stone more clearly, such as framing a backlit onyx top with wood. The wood defines the onyx and makes it more special within the room. It also helps to make the counter thick enough to hide things such as the back lighting that a slab of onyx may not be large enough to contain by itself.

realstoneandgranitebathroom3Natural stone can also help elevate a design, making it feel more luxurious and elegant than it would be on its own. For example, adding a stone mosaic border or stone mosaic shower floor to an otherwise porcelain tiled shower helps create the feeling of luxury and splendor in an otherwise dull space. Stone also adds a degree of variation and interest in an area where the tiles may be flat or have little to no variation on their own.

realstoneandgranitekitchen1Using natural stone in the same area, but adjacent to, a field of another material also makes a statement. In a kitchen that has granite counters, it sometimes benefits the space to use another material on the backsplash, rather than using more granite or even another stone. In this case the two materials complement one another, so that neither one ends up overwhelming the space.

Natural stone can be combined with glass, porcelain, ceramic, or metal to beautiful effect. Consider blending in some stone to any application to enhance the look and style of the area.

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