Classy Columns

Bring a touch of class to your bathroom, foyer, dining area, or any area of your home with stone columns. Stone columns add an authentic vibe with rich color and formal presence, allowing you to bring a little Old World charm to your home.


While many people use hollow wood columns in their home, many have a generic look and feel that detracts from an area, rather than adding to it. Stone columns, on the other hand, are unique from each other, due to the innate properties of the stone itself. Marble columns, for example, will show slightly different veining and color on each column. Limestone columns will have varying degrees of pitting or texture, as well. This means that each time a column is used it brings a completely unique look to the room.


Stone columns can be used anywhere in the home that a hollow wood column can. Consider using marble or limestone columns in any of these areas to add additional elegance, charm, and personality to the space:

  • In a “pass-through” between a kitchen and living or dining room
  • In the entryway to any room in an open floor plan home, such as in the entryway to a formal dining area
  • On either end of a long bathroom vanity
  • On the tub deck of a soaking, air, or whirlpool tub
  • In the formal entryway of your home

Using a hollow wood column gives you a few choices for the shape and style of the column; using a stone column gives you additional choices. Most wood columns come in a single color and finish, stone columns, however, often have a natural variation in color and texture that can’t be duplicated in wood. This, combined with the fact that a stone column can be carved into any shape, sets this type of design head and shoulders above the competition.


If you’re considering the addition of columns to your home, consider using stone. The additional beauty and charm is always worth it.

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