Choosing a Granite for Your Kitchen

Granite choices for the kitchen can seem nearly endless. With the array of different colors and grain patterns available, many homeowners can feel overwhelmed trying to determine the best choice. There are a few tricks that can help, however, so you can get the perfect fit for your décor.

The first is to make choosing your granite the first step in your design process. Some homeowners may end up choosing their cabinets first, but this often limits the selection process of the stone unnecessarily.

By starting with the granite, you will quickly find that some stones lend themselves better to some cabinet door styles. For example, stones with tightly flecked patterns work best with raised panel doors, while Shaker, beaded, and slab style doors all work well with looser more open grain patterns.

The next is to not begin your search by looking at small stone samples. Stone samples can be several years old, which may mean that the colors of the stone are no longer an accurate representation of what’s leaving the quarries. A visit to the stone yard is the better choice, because you can see the actual stones and the current color and grain choices.

Once you’ve seen a few stones, you should be able to quickly determine the direction you want to move. Whether that’s to stones of a certain color, or stones that have wild or sedate grain patterns. Once you know what it is that you like about the stone, designers can help direct you to other stones that you may like.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, you have a few choices. You can ask for a sample from the slab to check it against the cabinets and tiles that you have in mind, or you can commit to a specific stone. Either way, be sure to get a sample from the stone, and to indicate which section of a slab you want for areas like peninsulas and islands if the stone has a particularly dramatic pattern. By putting your granite first and looking at the actual slabs themselves, you can easily get the right choice for your kitchen.


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