Choosing a Backsplash

If you are using granite or stone for your countertops in any room you will run into the challenging task of choosing a backsplash. For me this was one of the hardest things to do. Since our granite has a lot of rich browns along with cream and some gold tones many things didn’t work or were simply way out of our price range.

You have MANY choices for this option. You may feel very excited about FINALLY choosing your stone choice and think all is well in life only to stop and realize what am I going to put behind it? You have tiles of stone, ceramic & glass (plus all the sizes and shapes they come in), tin and faux tin, backlit glass and stone or you could just continue the granite up the wall!


Once you decide on the type of product you want to use, you then run into the color options game again.  Do you choose one color or do you get a mix? Bah!! sometimes it makes you want to run screaming. But don’t! Take a deep breath and go out and look online, read some magazines or hire a designer if you need to. Friends who have remodeled and gone through this are a big help as well. They have run into all these issues and may have some good places for you to look.

For me it was a several month process. I was also dealing with choosing floor tiles, so when that was done I really needed to make a decision. On one of our weekly trips to the local builder’s box store I saw faux tin tiles. They were really lightweight and inexpensive in comparison to the other options. We bought a sheet and when we put it up to see how it looked we loved it. The light reflects off it just right and helps to bring out the color in the granite.

Next I will show you some options to give you some ideas.



Trump 25H 018

474 S Beach_1610Using a stone is a good option for many granite counterparts. You can get stone that is mainly one color to blend more easily or you can get one that has a variety of shades to accent the area. If you have a more solid countertop I would go with a variety of colors otherwise solid.

Jill Greene_1322

Glass tiles are another excellent choice because there are many options. Glass can also have an iridescent option which can make the light shimmer. Since I’m a sucker for shimmery things I really gravitated towards this. I hope to use glass tiles somewhere in my home. Once I do I’m sure it will be one of my favorite places.


Tin and faux tin. This is the style I decided on. As you can see the light plays off the tin very nicely and reflects in the smooth surface of the granite. Even if you have a matte finish countertop this is still a good choice as it adds light to the area. The space under cabinets can get dark if you do not have lighting underneath, so this is something to consider.


Speaking of lighting, you can also choose a backlit backsplash! I didn’t even consider this when I was on the prowl! I love the idea of having either glass or stone backlit. It gives you extra light in the space and a added artistic bonus that you will truly enjoy and be unique. Can you imagine all of the compliments you would get on this?!


Whatever you choose make sure it will blend or enhance the stone you have chosen. Where have you looked for inspiration? Are you happy with your choice?

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