Carved and Cast Stone Columns

Stone columns make beautiful accents around dining rooms, kitchens, and on tub decks. And while a plain column of stone has more beauty, color, and interested than a similar column made of wood, sometimes the application needs more detail to match the rest of the room. In those cases having a cast or carved stone column may fit the bill.


Cast columns are made of the same material as other cast products; a wet or dry mixture of concrete or stone dust that may contain resins or pigments. The molds can be intricately detailed to allow for the appearance of elaborate carvings that may not be possible when made out of a block of solid stone. While some stones may contain fissures or be too soft to carve – such as travertine or limestone – cast product can give you the detail you are looking for without the worry of fissures or holes in the finished design.


The benefit of using a cast or carved column in place of a standard one is the detail that it brings to the room. Because the design is part of the column, it gives an additional subtle texture and depth that wouldn’t be present in a plainer or solid column. This also allows for the matching of carved or mosaic stone borders used elsewhere in the room, as well as with carved wood furnishings. The end result is a more cohesive look within a room, rather than an ornate room with a plain or simple column.


Using a cast product in a wet area like a bathroom has additional benefits because the column will not be subject to water staining or etching. Using the same product outdoors is also beneficial for adding detail and elegance to a garden because these types of columns are not subject to freeze/thaw conditions that may damage other products.

Whenever a column is called for in a design, consider using a cast or carved stone product. The results will have more interest and will be longer lasting, leading to the best possible investment for the home

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