Blue Stones for the Bathroom

The NKBA has conducted their yearly survey of emerging trends in kitchens and bathrooms. This year, it appears that blue, as well as shades of purple and violet, is becoming the go-to color for bathrooms. This makes sense, as blue is often the color associated with water, and therefore a longstanding popular choice for the bath. If you’re considering a bathroom update this year, consider including some natural stone in shades of blue or purple to elevate your design. While many blue stones, such as Azul Macuba and Azul Bahia are on the pricey side, there are many stones that have blue tones to them that are much more affordable and perfect for use in the bath.

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Blue Celeste is a beautiful stone that works well with whites, as well as with pale Ming Green. It’s actually a type of quartzite, although frequently sold as a marble, so it’s very durable and perfect for use in busy bathrooms. It has a very light blue color with occasional gold veining.

For bathrooms that are going darker, Bross Blue is a very deep, rich looking stone that’s nearly black in color. It has swirls of lighter blue running through the surface, as well as some white veins. This granite can be used anywhere in the bathroom as well.

Labrador or Labradorite is a nearly purple stone that sometimes has some blue undertones to it, depending on the stone that you get. Many younger designers are working with more purple tones right now, which makes Labrador the perfect stone for bathroom countertops and tub decks.

If you’re looking for something a little softer, and if you aren’t planning on using the stone in wet areas, Gascogne Bleu limestone can be the perfect fit. This light, creamy gray stone has just a hint of a blue undertone to it. It would work well in a bathroom with blue wall color or accents.

The best part about using natural stone is how many different accent colors you can get out of one slab or tile. Choosing a blue stone for your bathroom gives you a wealth of options for wall, towel, and accent color so you can personalize the space, while staying on trend. Consider a blue stone for your bathroom to create a beautiful new space.

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