4-inch Granite Slab Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash, or area between the counters and the cabinets, can be tackled in many different ways. Some people choose to use a decorative tile or stone there, others use wood, beadboard, metal, or glass. One option that also gets used frequently is to have a small piece of the countertop material mounted vertically at the backsplash. This piece of stone is usually about 4-inches in height, but can as high as 6-inches, or as small as three.


There are many reasons why you may want to get a 4-inch slab backsplash. In kitchens that have a lot going on, this simple backsplash can keep from making the entire room get too busy. For example, a kitchen that uses a lot of very busy granite may look too chaotic with a separate backsplash; the 4-inch backsplash gives some protection to the wall, without adding additional pattern.


There are also times the backsplash is only needed in a small section. For example, tile is used as a focal point behind the stove, but isn’t needed or desired on either side. This can allow for some protection of the wall, without competing with the tile design.


If the counter is set at two heights to make a seating area, a small piece of the counter material can form a backsplash between the two sections to create some unity and give the half wall some protection as well. This is particularly useful if the backsplash material being used elsewhere around the room wouldn’t fit in here.


Keep in mind that using a slab backsplash does take up more space on the counter than tiles will, simply because the slab will be about 3cm thick. And while it is possible to tile above it at a later date, it can be difficult or expensive to remove and replace with tile entirely.

Keep the slab backsplash in mind for those occasions when tile won’t suit the room. You may find it the perfect complement to your kitchen.

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