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The Beauty of Texas Limestone

Natural stone is quarried from around the world, with many of the stones people use in their homes coming from countries like Italy and Brazil. Some of these quarries are so famous, such as the Carrara quarries in Italy, that many people end up overlooking the fact that many beautiful stones are also quarried within the United States. Just like Vermont is well known for its Danby marbles, Texas is the home to some beautiful and unique limestone quarries. Texas limestone has been used in exterior architecture for years, as well as for interior purposes such as countertops. And with the latest magazine shoot of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady’s showcase home featuring two different types of Texas limestone, its popularity is sure to rise.

Pass Residence southwestern-patio

Texas limestones come in four distinct colors, the most popular of which is Cordova Cream, a light, cream colored limestone with an even color and texture. Cordova Cream is often used as an exterior architectural stone because of its evenness and beauty.

Complementing Cordova Cream is its sister stone, Cordova Shell. This limestone has the same creamy, light background, but features several small fossils and imprints of shells in its surface. Cordova Shell limestone is sure to be a conversation starter wherever it is installed for its looks and style.

In addition to these cream-colored stones, Texas limestone is also available in gray tones as well. Leuders Buff and Leuders Gray are both cool-toned stones that have an even color and little to no marks of veining in their surfaces. Leuders Buff is more neutral with a lighter overall color that could complement both warm or cool color schemes – perfect for homes that feature a lot of “greige” coloring.

Leuders Gray is a deeper-colored stone, but not as dark as Lagos Azul or other gray stones. This makes it a nice complement to white color schemes where a hint of color is desired.

Texas limestones make a beautiful addition to any area they are installed in. If you’re looking for a more locally quarried option, consider these stones for your next project.

Wicked White for Kitchens and Baths

While colors like blue, black, and purple are trending for both kitchens and baths, there’s still one color scheme that reigns supreme – white. Which means that white stones, and particularly white marbles, are still getting a lot of attention for countertops, flooring, and showers. White marbles don’t always hold up particularly well in these areas long term, however, with etching and staining being two concerns that many homeowners have. For this reason, some people are beginning to look to quartzites as a more durable alternative to marble for these high use areas. And for anyone looking for the classic white and gray look of marbles like Carrara, Wicked White may be an attractive alternative.

Super White traditional-kitchen

Wicked White, also known as Super White, is a very hard, durable quartzite quarried in Brazil. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone, like marble, but made up primarily of pressurized quartz and sandstone, so it’s much more durable than calcite-based marble. It’s less likely to stain and etch, and can be easily used in wet areas like bathrooms or high-use areas like kitchens. Best of all, Wicked White has a beautiful white background with gray marks and veining that will give you the classic white stone appearance that you want for your home, but with less maintenance or staining.

Wicked White makes an excellent countertop material, and can also be used as a solid backsplash, tub deck, or curb in the bathroom. It pairs well with both contemporary and traditional kitchen and bath designs, and has a nice cool-tone that works well with black and white, as well as the newly popular blues and grays as well.

If you’re looking for a way to get the classic look of white marble in your home, but worry about the ongoing maintenance needs, consider opting for a white quartzite such as Wicked White instead. A natural stone just like marble, quartzites are more durable, yet just as beautiful. Consider Wicked White for your next kitchen or bath design to stay on trend and more.

Blue Stones for the Bathroom

The NKBA has conducted their yearly survey of emerging trends in kitchens and bathrooms. This year, it appears that blue, as well as shades of purple and violet, is becoming the go-to color for bathrooms. This makes sense, as blue is often the color associated with water, and therefore a longstanding popular choice for the bath. If you’re considering a bathroom update this year, consider including some natural stone in shades of blue or purple to elevate your design. While many blue stones, such as Azul Macuba and Azul Bahia are on the pricey side, there are many stones that have blue tones to them that are much more affordable and perfect for use in the bath.

Bathrooms traditional-bathroom

Blue Celeste is a beautiful stone that works well with whites, as well as with pale Ming Green. It’s actually a type of quartzite, although frequently sold as a marble, so it’s very durable and perfect for use in busy bathrooms. It has a very light blue color with occasional gold veining.

For bathrooms that are going darker, Bross Blue is a very deep, rich looking stone that’s nearly black in color. It has swirls of lighter blue running through the surface, as well as some white veins. This granite can be used anywhere in the bathroom as well.

Labrador or Labradorite is a nearly purple stone that sometimes has some blue undertones to it, depending on the stone that you get. Many younger designers are working with more purple tones right now, which makes Labrador the perfect stone for bathroom countertops and tub decks.

If you’re looking for something a little softer, and if you aren’t planning on using the stone in wet areas, Gascogne Bleu limestone can be the perfect fit. This light, creamy gray stone has just a hint of a blue undertone to it. It would work well in a bathroom with blue wall color or accents.

The best part about using natural stone is how many different accent colors you can get out of one slab or tile. Choosing a blue stone for your bathroom gives you a wealth of options for wall, towel, and accent color so you can personalize the space, while staying on trend. Consider a blue stone for your bathroom to create a beautiful new space.

On Trend Green Stones

While Sherwin Williams went neutral for their color of the year, Pantone has decided to go green with the announcement of their color of the year – Greenery. This bold, yet light green has a hint of lime to it, and is sure to liven up any environment it’s seen in. The nice thing about all shades of green, is the way they work with a vast number of other colors, including blues, yellows, and reds. Greenery is no different, pairing well with several shades of yellow, as well as bold turquoise. If you’re considering adding Greenery to your walls this year, make the most of the color by pairing up a beautiful natural stone for your floors or counters.

Rosso Fouco traditional

There are several stones that will work well with Greenery, regardless of whether you want a green stone or something in another color. Uba Tuba, a dark green stone that borders on black, would work particularly well with Greenery, featuring flecks of gold and turquoise that would give you many accent choices.

Costa Esmerelda would also work well if you’re looking for a monotone color within the room. Costa Esmerelda has a background color that blends nicely with Greenery, and depending on the stone you choose, you may also get marshmallow white veins, yellow, and turquoise hints.

If you want a stone that will match Greenery well without a lot of other colors, consider Coast Green, which has a yellow/green color in a more traditional granite pattern of closely packed grains.

For marbles and more exotic stones, consider using Alba Chiaro with your Greenery walls. This white stone features green and sometimes peach swirls and veins over its surface. Technically a type of onyx, Alba Chiaro has a beautiful translucence to it that will make your floor or counter glow.

Or, if you want to contrast the green color and bring some additional depth to the room, consider a stone like Fouco, which is a wild mix of reds, greens, and creams, and which can liven up any living space.

Make the most of Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 by pairing it with one of these natural stone choices to celebrate all things green for the new year.