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Marble and Granite Table Runners

A trend has been developing at weddings and events to use large slabs or wood or stone as the runner on a table, rather than a traditional cloth. The slab allows you to create height and interest on the table by elevating things placed on it, while also adding color and depth to the table at the same time. The trend is becoming so popular, in fact, that many people are beginning to use these runners in other places as well, such as at holiday tables. A marble or granite runner can make a beautiful centerpiece for your table, while protecting the wood or cloth beneath from hot dishes at the same time.

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A slab runner is essentially a piece of material about 3cm thick cut to approximately 12-inches in width and 4 to 5 feet in length. The runner may have finished or raw edges depending on the style you’re looking for, and can also be irregular in shape. Anyone who is purchasing a granite counter for their kitchen may request to have the leftover material cut into runners to use on nearby dining room tables to create a cohesive look.

Even if you are not having a granite or marble counter or table made, you can still use a stone runner for your table. Many stone yards have small remnants or leftover pieces of stone that you can purchase for this use. You may have to pay a cutting or polishing fee if you want the edges finished, but raw edges can also work as well.

When looking for a stone for your runner, consider one that has a polished finish, as well as a lot of movement or color. You want the runner to be an eye-catching centerpiece for the table, so look for stones that have colorful veins or streaks you can use to coordinate your place settings with.

Use your runner to display candles or flowers, or set serving dishes on it that are too hot to be placed directly on the table. However you use it, a stone runner is sure to be a unique and interesting focal point for your meal.

Granites to Pair with Taupe

As 2016 comes to a close, Sherwin-Williams has announced their new choice for the 2017 Color of the Year. This year’s choice – Poised Taupe – gives a nod to the popularity of colors such as gray and greige over the last five years. Warmer than a true gray, however, Poised Taupe is a perfect blend of cool grays and warm browns, making it a natural choice as a neutral for homeowners that want a versatile color for any room of their homes.

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Because Poised Taupe could work with either cool or warm colors in the home, the choice of accents is nearly endless. If you’re looking for a granite to pair with Poised Taupe for your kitchen or bath, consider one of these options:

Gold and Silver granite is the perfect choice for homeowners that want neutrals, but with a little dramatic flair at the same time. Combining both deep golden brown and gray in one stone, this granite will up your neutrals to the next level.

Golden Beach is a more subtle granite that will still bring in a lot of rich brown tones as well as a gray background. This granite will pair perfectly with Poised Taupe, while allowing you to bring in numerous other tones as accents.

If you’re looking for a granite that will match the color of the year nearly perfectly, consider Kayrus. While the veining of this stone is wild and variable, the color is on point for this year’s trend.

For those that want to introduce some color to the room through their granite, while still working well with taupe, consider Fusion. This deep green granite has a lot of gold and brown running through it, allowing it to pair beautifully with this neutral paint color.

For those that would like a more subtle amount of color, consider Persia Green, which is a gray stone with a faint green cast to it.

With a warmer neutral the new color of the year, the possibilities are endless. Match it with any of these granites to make a statement in your home.