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Turkey Time

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The weather gets cooler, the leaves change (well in parts other than Florida that is) and of course the food is yummy! My favorite thing to do is make a sandwich of mashed potatoes, turkey and cranberry sauce. Mmmm!!! I can’t wait!

Today I’m going to share some decor as well as some recipes that are different than what you normally eat and would be a great addition to any turkey day dinner!





And now time for the food!

As always you can click on the image to go to the original source for the recipe and instructions.










realstoneandgranite14I wish you and your family a happy holiday! I hope some of these posts and links will help you find some fresh new ideas to add to this years celebration!

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Stunning Stairs

Here in Florida we do not often have need for stairs, however using marble or natural stone as stairs adds such a visual appeal that it can easily be a focal point of a room. There is no need to have only wood as the material being used! Think outside the box.

Our first examples use marble and stone. These natural elements add a lot of beauty and variety as no two pieces are alike.





 stairs6Next we see use of wood but in unusual ways. Making your stairs also storage is a brilliant idea as we all can use more storage!


Next we have metal.  There are so many options with metal, reclaimed from other sources as well as new but with a variety of textures and finishes.  Using metal as an accent is also a great idea!



Using other unusual materials like concrete, glass and acrylic. Poured concrete as shown in the first images are a great option for so many things and can even be done at home for DIY projects like making pots for plants. Look up ideas to give you more inspiration!



I love how these stairs appear like they are floating! Almost scary to think about walking up them.

Using lights is also a great idea to make sure people know where the steps are or for just a little bit of ambient lighting in a room.


Not sure if these are painted glass or stained glass, but either way they are STUNNING! If you want to add a bit of pop to your space this is a great option. You can also paint/stain wood or concrete stairs to add more intrigue to your space.


If you have stairs remember that they can be beautiful and not just functional! So think outside the box and hopefully some of these images have inspired you and you can pin to your Pinterest board :)

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Shower Yourself In Beauty

As adults one of the few peaceful places we can find a bit of time to ourselves is in the shower. Having a visually appealing place to get clean and relax while the steam builds around you and hot water works it’s magic into your muscles, will help get you back in balance. I am looking forward to the day when I get to redo my own bathroom and it will be more than just a serviceable room.


Just remember that your bathroom can be your oasis. Take care and choose the materials that will bring a smile to your face and make you relax.

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Fancy Fountains

Fountains are something that I tend to think of only at hotels, restaurants, public spaces. However you can also add them as a addition to your home, both inside and out. When I was growing up, my mom made a lovely koi pond that had a fountain of a woman holding a jug with flowing water down into the pond.

Fountains are a great addition for their sound as well. Running water calms nerves, the flow of the water is a great way to meditate as well, just think of zoning out while watching it move…. *sigh* so nice.

Here is some inspiration if you think you may want to add one of these lovelies to your own home.

Whether you choose to do a DIY fountain, one you buy from your local nursery or even online, remember that they will need to be maintained so do a bit of research first to find one that is right for you and your environment.

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