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Superstar Lighting

Lighting is an essential item in every home. Today I’m going to show you some decorative and imaginative ideas for lighting in your kitchen.


Many people have recessed lighting, however now you can turn your recessed lights into pendant style lighting. Here are some gorgeous examples.





 Then we have track lighting. This is what I currently have in my home, not just in the kitchen but in the hallways as well. track lighting allows you to aim your light source to just the right spot and you can have a mix of the standard track light as well as add pendant style to it. This lighting is extremely versatile!




 There are also the options of using lighting under your cabinetry which is also called ‘task lighting’ as it will add more light to your counters when you are working.. This is also a great option to give ambiance to the kitchen area when you don’t want all your lights on, but still want to see where things are. This style of lighting is especially great for social gatherings and is simple to do. You can purchase string or sectional led lights in tubes or stick on sectionals at your local home improvement store.




You could always get out your DIY tools and create your own lighting. This is a fun way to reuse found objects as well as making a focal point in the room that will get your guests talking and you an opportunity to show off your superpower crafting abilities. This is my personal favorite section, as I’m a crafty girl myself and get inspired to do cool new things all the time.





No matter what your choice, lighting is a quick and easy project you can do over a weekend that can make a dramatic change in the environment you choose to upgrade. You can go high end with hand blown glass pendants or you can be frugal and get out your drill, hot glue gun and spray paint. Great lighting really does transform a space from drab to fab!

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Countertop Edging Choices

I’m sure like me you had no idea that there are quite a few choices when it comes to what kind of edge you want for your countertops. When I was at the Real Stone & Granite facility I was amazed at the machinery that allowed for these edges to happen. Jose let me know that pretty much anything you could want they could do.

Meaning all those cool mouldings you see at you local home improvement store with various beveled edges, could be done on your countertop edges. The first type I’ll feature is the classic beveled edges. There are a ton of options for these so it’s a great option and not just for the kitchen, but for any countertop!

You could also do a classic flat edge or inverted like the blue bar top below.

There are also the rough hewn edges as an option.

Regardless of whatever you choose remember that even little things like the edge of a countertop can make a visually appealing difference in a room. Some guests may not notice, but there are those of us out there who tend to take notice of the little details and will be delighted in seeing something other than the ordinary.

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Media and Game Rooms

Have you been to someone’s home who has invested in a game or media room? It’s a nice bonus to have in your home. In my home we rearranged things and put our TV into a second family room that was smaller but allowed us to block out more light. This allows for cozy times on the couch watching movies, playing games or listening to music with friends.

 Today I’m going to show you some inspiration I found. Some are more elaborate than others, but keep in mind that you don’t have to go crazy. Simply moving furniture around, using darker paint on the walls, blocking off windows with blackout shades (on one side and using a nicer fabric on the other) and mounting the TV on the wall or using a projector and screen.

I like the use of the backlit bar using natural stone as well as openness of being able to see into the media room. It allows for people in the bar and outer room to see what is playing. However they have curtains that can be closed to section off the room to allow for more privacy.

This is the ultimate sports room which is definitely more of a ‘man’s’ room. Made for game watching and rowdy times spent yelling at the TV and jumping up from the leather recliners.

This is a more traditional game room with billiards, darts a bar and some TV’s placed higher up to not invade the space as much.

Don’t have the time or money to make a game room happen? Well you can rent a game room for the kids/adults party from Gamin’Ride. This is a great idea and not a bad price either! Consider the wow factor this will get you and the kids will think you’re totally cool.fInally I have a more ‘Star Trek’ themed media room, which is very fun and reminds you that the sky’s the limit when designing a media/game room. Whatever you decide, make it fun and spend the larger amounts of your budget for the key elements that will be used the most.

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Fantasy Kitchen Island

Do you have an island in your kitchen? Are you wanting to remodel your space and add a island? Well did you know that the newly designed islands can give you a lot more bang for your bucks?? One of my close friends has her sink, microwave, trash, tons of storage and seating in her island. It’s really amazing and a bit mouthwatering for those of us who don’t have all the bells and whistles.

Here is a great diagram of some of the things you could have in your island space. One thing this island seems to lack is good seating. However if the island is working as just another workspace and your family uses the table more, than this isn’t a big deal.

Having special features like slide out shelves in the taller spaces, or using a pull out and mixer elevator makes getting out your mixer (which can be a heavy beast) out more often is fantastic and affordable!

This island utilizes the space for seating as well as hosting a wine/beverage cooler, a convection microwave and loads of storage.

Beautifully rustic island features the stove/range with pot rack above along with see through storage for your nicer pieces to be on display.

Although this island doesn’t seem to have gadgets, it allows for double seating. If you have a large family or entertain more often this may be a great solution.

Hiding a secret play space for the kids is a great idea. This would keep them entertained and out of your hair while your cooking and still allow you to know they are safe.

How about using this space as a book holder? Keep those cookbooks close by and easy to find.

Remember to think outside the box when it comes to your kitchen space. Kitchens are the heart of the home and so a great island will not only be a focal point but also congregation space. Making the best use of the space will make your life easier and allow for much needed additional storage.

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